My memory when I appeared on 24th Nov

November 28, 2017


Hi Smash PTE


I have appeared on 24th Nov, this is what I remember from memory...



Speaking: Repeat Sentence-


I could remember only two out of 10

Question Bank, repeat sentence 31 and 32



Speaking: Describe Image -


1. Image of Jordan Flag with some other country flag (Same colour with Question Bank, only difference star in one flag)


2. Two wheels water flowing image in clockwise and anticlockwise (Question Bank)


3. Educational attainment and remuneration bar graph (Question Bank)


4. Tree ring pattern (Hot weather -thin rings, Cold weather -  thick ring patterns)


5. Bar graph - showing the countries/regions earning less than 1 $ per day (Question Bank)


Speaking Re-tell Lecture:


1. population and resources usage (with a line graph)


2. Monkey theorem


I got two more re-tell lecture… could not remember those and…. Maybe they have changed the pattern as I got 4 re-tell and 12 repeat sentences if I remember correctly.


Writing – SWT


1. Namibia conservancies (SWT question bank, 1.1)


2. Ageing world (SWT question bank, 1.10)


Writing – Essay


1. Extreme sport


Reading – Reorder paragraph


1. Sustainable development …. (RO question bank, number 42)


2. Energy industry and engineers…(RO question bank, number 40)


Reading - Fill in the blanks


1.            Space travel and experience


2.            DNA database to investigate criminal.


Listening - Write Form Dictation:


I got 4 questions, I was relaxed that It’s over, but I got this one in the last, so I could remember this.


“When workers ask for raise in wages, the companies raise their prices.” (Write from dictation question bank, N31)



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