Training classes in May and updates of our database

April 30, 2018


We are running two types of courses to boost your PTE performance.


(1) Express Tutorials of the New Questions.


Time: every Friday and Sunday in May, 12p.m.- 5p.m. (5 hours)


In these sessions, we will look at the recent frequently tested questions in April and May. Reading questions and audio files for listening will also be played back. We also provide superb essay templates for you to practice with. In a nutshell, this is a quick tutorial to boost PTE score by examine the real recent questions in depth.


Condition: overall score 74+


(2) Beginner's class


Time: every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 weeks, 1p.m.-4p.m. (18 hours in total)


This course is designated for students who are naive to the test. We will explore various test-orientated skills, go through key vocabulary and practice real test materials extensively.


Condition: vocabulary size 5000+ 



T: +61 0433400699  or 03 91918081


Wechat ID: smash_pte





Recent updates of question database



29 April 2018

Repeat sentence: Re. 02 repeat sentence, sentence 55-58


Retell lecture: brain development

Very similar to


SWT, Re. 06 Summarize written text,

Revised the 1.7 IT’LL NEVER FLY: THE CITY OF LONDON, following sentences are deleted, as they are not shown in the test passage:

And its institutions paid out £9 billion in nonuses in December. The Square Mile ….and the their hedge fund pals now hang out.


Add. 1.40 Malaysia Tourism

The test passage is shorter than what I present, but it is 90% similar.


Summarize spoken text

India farmer debt, in the real test, the audio does mention keyword “suicide”. Only minor differences to the following video.


Reading, FIB, Re.10 Reading: Fill in the blanks collected after 10 May 2017

Passage 72, 73


Write from dictation, Re. 13 write from dictation, sentence N53, N54.

Another sentence was an old one, from slide 7, 51.  ‘Students’ concession cards need to be obtained by completing an application form’


15 April 2018

Two excellent essay templates have been supplied.

Re. 07 Essay questions, slide 5 and 6


11 April 2018 New question set

Read aloud: Re. 01 read aloud  question 29-35


Repeat sentence: Re. 02 repeat sentence, sentence 45-54


Describe image: as usually, simple graphs and images, use template and avoid hesitation.


Retell lecture: all of them are new! We’ll hold private sessions to deal with these questions, audios will be playbacked. For students in Melbourne, register for our public seminar on 21 April 2018, 2pm-3:30pm at our office. Contact us at 0433400699 or


Answer short questions: Re. 05 Answer short question.


Summarize written text:

Re. 06 Summarize written text, question 1.38 and 1.39 (positioned at the top of the page)


Write from dictation: Re. 13 Write from dictation

Sentence 1: N51 on slide 13

Sentence 2: N52 on slide 13

Sentence 3: N19 on slide 10


Listening clips are only provided for in-house training or private 1-1 session.





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